Save your receipts!

It’s so easy! Just take a picture of your receipt. Saved! will scan it, read the data and save it for you. If later on you want to change the product or use the guarantee, you just need to show the receipt’s picture to the store’s staff. 

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Your receipts always safe

We always keep the receipts of the products we buy, just in case we want to change them or if they don’t work as expected… And they always end up being a mess in our wallets, unorganized, wrinkled or even broken. Save them by uploading them in the cloud!

Just take a picture of your receipt and sort it in the right category. Saved! will do the rest! Scanning and processing the receipt to save and organize the data.

Which products are included in each receipt? Take pictures of the things you bought and save them with the receipt detail. That will make easier to remember which products belong to each receipt!

Do you want to return those jeans you bought without trying on? Your computer died and you don’t know if it stills covered by the guarantee? Relax, Saved! registers all these dates in the Calendar and warns you before they expire. You won’t miss anything anymore!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Easy! Just take a picture of your receipt vertically. Saved! will do the work for you. It will recognize the data in the receipt looking for the relevant information and it will save it in the cloud so it will always be available when you need it.

Just access the App and go to the receipt detail. Click on the thumbnail to see the receipt on full screen. You will be able to zoom in if necessary. The staff at the store will have all the necessary information to manage the refund.